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As we approach the start of the season, there are some important things that you need to be aware of regarding game day procedures related to COVID-19. It is vitally important that we follow these guidelines in order to get our players through the season. 


  • Coaches, volunteers, athletic trainers, and officials must wear face coverings at all times when not actively coaching, and players must wear face coverings when not on the field.  
  • In order to be heard when coaching or officiating, coaches and officials are not required to wear facial coverings during games and practices. Nothing in this order prohibits a player, coach, or official from wearing a facial covering while on the field of play if it is practical to do so. 
  • Players, coaches spectators must conduct daily symptom assessments. 
  • Anyone experiencing symptoms must stay home. 
  • Players should bring hand sanitizer to each game.  
  • Family members must sit together, socially distanced from other individuals/family groups. 
  • Six-feet social distancing must be maintained between individuals/family groups at all times. 
  • No congregating before or after practices or games is permitted. 
  • Spectators must wear face coverings at all times 

    We must be focused on maintaining the guidelines set by the State of Ohio if we want to be able to have a complete season. It is the responsibility of ALL of us to see that the order is followed.  However, no parent, coach or spectator should get into a confrontation with someone regarding these guidelines. 

    We have been told to expect people from the Board of Health to make random visits to parks and fields just to make sure everything looks proper.  We must make sure that what they see is a safe environment for the players as well as the adults.

Kenston Futbol Club

Kenston FC is a community based youth soccer organization  providing soccer camps, training programs, and coaching services to the local communities of Auburn and Bainbridge, OH, since 2004.  The club offers youth soccer teams for both boys and girls.  

Kenston FC is committed to creating a positive and character-building environment where each player has fun, realizes their soccer playing potential, and learns life lessons from sports.

Kenston FC subscribes to the tenants of the Positive Coaching Alliance, which include:   

  • Striving to win & teaching life lessons    
  • Coaching for mastery    
  • Filling player's emotional tank    
  • Honoring the game

Email us at

Kenston FC and Ganley Chevrolet of Aurora are teaming up to celebrate 15 years of soccer in Kenston. A limited edition KFC 15th Anniversary Jersey, sponsored by Ganley Chevrolet of Aurora and the Chevy Network, will be unveiled soon!